Amatra SmartSource™ for Commerce and Outreach

“Amatra’s Commerce and Outreach solution lets you connect and communicate with your communities, campuses, stake holders and customers in a controlled, secure and measurable way.”

Amatra’s Commerce and Outreach Solution gives clients the power to harness the new generation communication media such as Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Blogs), SMS Text Messaging, Voice Notifications, Email and more to communicate their brand and promotional information to tens of thousands of people.

Amatra’s Commerce and Outreach solution is built on open Smart Communications Platform™ called Amatra SmartSource™. Click here to learn more about the platform’s features and capabilities.

Amatra SmartSource™ for Commerce and Outreach provides a channel for secure, reliable and consistent communication via new age media with customers, partners, stakeholders and employees in multiple locations.

The solutions Social Analytics and Reporting features track communications and quickly compile the results in a dashboard for informed decision making.

The advantages of reaching out to stakeholders via new age media using Amatra SmartSource™:

  • Widely adopted by younger demography
  • Quick way to communicate
  • Viral dissemination of information
  • Cost effective
  • Gather Market Intelligence by tracking communications
  • Green Solution

Amatra SmartSource™ for Commerce and Outreach allows companies to take advantage of vast opportunities of new media in a controlled, secure and measurable way.

See how the Amatra Commerce and Outreach solution finds application in the following industries:

Amatra SmartSource™ can be deployed on IBM software including WebSphere Portal, WebSphere Application Server and Db2 running in Linux or Windows environment.