Amatra Commerce and Outreach for Education

“We have a range of prepackaged messages sitting in our portal, and a few groups created. That saves valuable
time. After the event, we can evaluate the type of message we constructed, if it went out in a timely manner and how widely it was distributed.”

- Chris Williams,
Director of University Communications,
Anderson University

Amatra’s Commerce and Outreach solution lets you connect and communicate with your students in a controlled, secure and measurable way.

In recent times there has been an explosion of social media network usage and SMS text messaging as the major communications outlet among student population. Educational institutions are under increasing pressure to embrace these communication trends to stay connected with their students, faculty and alumni.

However, these institutes are plagued by the following challenges on this front:

  • Manageability: Frustration in managing multiple social media outlets leading to inconsistent messaging.
  • Time & Resources: It takes a great deal of time and resources to manage and maintain various social media outlets.
  • Security: Who can post messages? Institutions do not want to publicize their social media security credentials to the staff.
  • Compliance/Governance: It is difficult to track who sent the message to whom and when and how.
  • Brand Protection and Privacy: Safeguarding the institutions brand and privacy is a big deal.
  • Quantifying the social interactions: It is difficult to gather any meaningful metrics for informed decision making.

Amatra SmartSourceTM solution enables educational institutions reach out to their campus community in the following ways:

  • Connect and Communicate with your campus instantaneously through multiple communication channels and social media outlets.
  • Use a single source to manage and send out consistent messages to all communication and social media outlets.
  • Save time and resources by having a single point of access to all your communications and social media outlets.
  • Secure Environment provides for Brand Protection and Privacy. The role-based security model ensures that only authorized users can access and administer the system. Institutions can safeguard their social media credentials thus protecting their brand.
  • Enforce governance and meet regulatory compliance using the extensive audit trail features and tracking features identifying message senders and recipients.
  • Message Tracking, Social Analytics and Reporting capabilities provide meaningful metrics quantifying the social interactions for informed decision making by management.
  • Pre-Planning campaigns with pre-defined target groups and pre-defined message templates saves time and allows for successful campaign strategy and execution.
  • Access Anytime and from Anywhere

See Amatra SmartSource™ platform features and capabilities for more details.