What is Amatra SmartSource™?

Amatra SmartSource™ is a Smart Communications Platform built on open architecture and standards. Amatra SmartSource™ provides an integrated environment for planning, sending, tracking and analyzing communications to tens of thousands of users using multiple communication channels.

Amatra SmartSource™ supports communications via Voice Notification, Text SMS messaging , Email and Social Media outlets. The platform architecture is flexible to easily add new communication media based on business needs.

The platform’s Analytics and Reporting capabilities track communications and responses real-time and quickly compile the results in a dashboard for informed decision making.

Amatra SmartSource™ can integrate with any solution requiring a communications framework to serve as a “citizen” of a much larger solution.

Amatra has the following solution offerings based on the Amatra SmartSource™ platform:

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Platform Features and Capabilities:

Multiple channels of communication: Voice Notification to any phone number in the US and International with text to voice translation. Customizable for multiple language translation.

SMS (text) message to any mobile phone worldwide.

Email and EmailSMS Notifications supported.
Harness the power of Social Media: Supports secure communication to social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Blog.
Geographically Targeted Notifications: GIS/Map based notifications allows notifications to be sent to people in a specific geographical region defined by the selection of an area on the map.
Analytics and Reporting: Real-time reporting and tracking of notifications and responses with summary dashboards and audit trail features for regulatory compliance.
Social Analytics: Tracking features for social communications to gather market intelligence and gauge social connectivity.
Integrated Dashboard: The integrated dashboard with an easy to navigate user interface saves time in managing profiles, groups, message templates, communications, tracking receipts and compliance.
Plug N Play model: Solution architecture is flexible to easily add new communication media based on business needs.
Access Anytime and from Anywhere: Offers 24/7 user-friendly, web based, consolidated access to contacts and communication.
Security and Access Control: Role based security model allows only authorized users to access and administer system. Safeguards against spam notifications. Single Sign On without multiple logins makes it easy to use especially in critical crisis situations.
Scalable, Reliable and Robust: Scales to handle communications of any magnitude based on customer’s needs. Reliable and robust infrastructure.
Customizable: Affordable, pre-packaged and easy-to-customize to customers needs. Plugs into customer’s existing user repository and provides a single point-of-access to user information and collaboration.

Amatra SmartSource™ can be deployed on IBM software including WebSphere Portal, WebSphere Application Server and Db2 running in Linux or Windows environment.