Amatra’s Smart Communications solutions enable “Smarter Governments”, “Smarter Campuses” and “Smarter Enterprises”.
Amatra’s solutions are built on Amatra’s proprietary Smart Communications Platform™ called Amatra SmartSource™. Click here to learn more about the platform’s features and capabilities.
Amatra offers the following solutions in communication and mass notification for governments, educational institutions and businesses that require a smart, secure communications system:


Amatra’s solutions provides educational institutions a powerful and effective notification system to reduce risk and automate crisis communication thus enhancing security and emergency first response in campuses. It also allows institutions reach out to the younger demography through new age media. (Read More)


Amatra’s solutions help government agencies improve communication with citizens and also provide a powerful and effective notification system for automating crisis communication and enhancing public security and emergency first response. (Read More)


Amatra’s solutions enable enterprises embrace new age communication trends to stay connected with customers and stake holders for brand promotion. They also provide a mechanism to automate crisis communication for business continuity and for enhancing security and emergency first response in corporations. (Read More)