– Mass Notification Systems as a Solution 7/25/15


image credit: afp_us_colorado_wildfires_03Jul12

Gunfire, a natural disaster, or a serious man-made accident has always affected a community. Now however, in a tightly packed urban area it brings chaos and a lack of control almost instantaneously. Efforts to coordinate a response to an emergency need to produce results just as quickly to bring a situation under control and begin rescue operations.

The key to a fast response hasn’t changed. Those seeking to address a situation must have the best communication methods possible. These are the issue motivating the developers of Amatra’s Mass Notification solution.

A communication system for a health and human services team in an emergency should operate quietly within a given network of people to keep a flow of answers coming to those groups responding. Past emergencies offer insight into the time and resources wasted when information doesn’t reach the individuals who need it the most.

What’s known from prior events is that civilians caught up in an emergency can respond in a number of ways including panic, fleeing from a scene, or attempting to help injured on their own. Confusion on the part of the public can at times hamper the efforts of qualified health and safety personnel.

As witnessed with recent tragedies it’s also known that soon after a major event cell phone communication can become problematic as the public in an overwhelming number attempts to make contact either with emergency services or with loved ones. This too can strangle or delay the flow of information from the public to emergency responders as well as tying up lines of communication between the emergency responders.

Amatra’s Mass Notification System addresses the problems of  various governmental agencies who will respond in an emergency with access to an integrated information network with multiple channels for a more reliable method of mass communication.

The failure of some systems is these lack the ability to send unique messages to certain groups while excluding others. Another issue is communicating with those in an area experiencing an emergency or those nearby who are not registered users of a system.

The Amatra’s Mass Notification solution is to address these needs by having an easy to use interface system that allows agencies to broadcast messages to those in the public within a certain geographical area even if they are not a part of system. It also allows for specific communication channels between groups of responders.


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