Amatra Mass Notification for Government

“Amatra’s Mass Notification solution is validated on the IBM Government Network Centric Operations (NCO) Framework.”. The Government NCO Framework provides a military-grade platform and architecture for transformation, interoperability, and integration in defense and public safety. Network-centric logistics, intelligence, and command and control are fundamental capabilities in the framework.

Amatra’s Mass Notification solution ensures entire communities remain safe and secure.

Public safety and security has become an ever-increasing priority for Government agencies in local, state, federal and defense sectors. Government agencies require powerful and effective emergency management systems to reduce risk and effectively respond to an act of violence or to natural disasters, such as hurricanes, flood or fire.

Amatra’s Mass Notification solution with its focus on public safety simplifies the way governments communicate with their communities.

Amatra’s Mass Notification solution for public safety enables government agencies and emergency personnel respond quickly and efficiently by providing access to integrated information and multiple channels for reliable and consistent mass communication.

Amatra’s solution empowers government personnel and management, emergency first responders, law enforcement and public by arming them with information just when they need it, where they need it.

Increase safety and security across government agencies with Amatra’s Mass Notification solution by communicating vital information reliably and in real time.

Amatra SmartSource™ for Mass Notification enables government mass notifications in the following ways:

  • Instant notifications to emergency first responders, law enforcement, inter-government agencies, government personnel and public
  • Multiple channels of communication
  • Geographically targeted notifications to public in a specific geographical area
  • Message tracking with analytics and reporting capabilities for informed decision making by government officials
  • Pre-Planning for emergencies with creation of pre-defined notification groups and pre-defined message templates saves time in critical situations
  • Integrated dashboard with easy to navigate UI saves time in managing profiles, groups, message templates, communications and tracking
  • Effectively Manage notifications on a large scale
  • Access Anytime and from Anywhere
  • Secure Environment with role-based security safeguards against spam notifications