- Amatra Adds New Senior Staff to Manage Growth: John O’Neill 12/13/12

Amatra’s customer base is expanding every day, and in the past couple of weeks we’ve brought on two new senior-level employees to help us manage that growth: Paul Foreman, chief revenue officer, and John O’Neill, director of sales and client success.

In our next blog posts, we’ll introduce these two key employees and their roles at Amatra. First up: John O’Neill, who has more than 25 years of sales, marketing and technical experience. Much of that experience involved enterprise software for Fortune 1000 companies and federal, state and local government agencies. Amatra was a perfect fit for his expertise, and we’re happy to have him on board!

We asked John a couple of questions to tell you a little more about him — in his own words.


How did taking this job align with your professional goals?

I have a strong desire to build, grow, and lead a successful sales operation, and take a truly “hands-on approach” to meeting and exceeding sales goals. My personal goal is to have our sales team to be the best in the business at not only meeting, but exceeding, our clients’ expectations.

I also wanted to join a company with a unique, high-value market offering. Amatra’s SmartSource™ messaging and emergency-notification solution enables government and commercial organizations to more quickly and effectively notify their constituencies during emergency and urgent situations, automate communication to employees, partners and stakeholders, and improve business continuity. But organizations that use SmartSource™ will also be better able to save lives, reduce property damage and minimize risk across the board. I don’t know how much more valuable a solution you can be associated with than that.


What does “client success” mean to you?

Of course, I want all of our customers to be able to successfully implement our solution and achieve their desired results, but “client success” means much more than that to me. I want our customers to see us more as business partners than just technology suppliers. We’ll strive to work with our customers over time, long after we “make the sale,” continually reviewing their ever-changing needs and requirements. We’ll integrate new technologies and devices that are appearing in their ecosystems every day, including smart phones, tablets and new external in-house systems, all to better ensure that our solution continues to provide the utmost value to them and their constituencies.


John has hit the ground running with the rest of the Amatra team, and he welcomes your calls and e-mails with any questions you might have. But you just might hear from him first — he’s serious about client success, especially yours.