- The message and the audience doesn’t change, the way we communicate has. How are you keeping up with this change? 2/9/12

Remember when phones had cords? If you ask the incoming collegiate class of 2014, the answer will be a resounding “no.” A recent report by Beloit College revealed a number of characteristics of this young adult generation’s mindset and many of the most startling findings related to the way they communicate and connect with the world around them.

It’s no surprise that corded phones and snail mail are lost relics to the class of 2014, but the study found another interesting communication trend: email is outdated. Less than two decades after beginning its rapid rise in mainstream popularity, email is already seen by the new generation as too slow and cumbersome. Social networking sites and text messages have moved in as the preferred method of reaching out and hooking up, providing a quicker, more streamlined method of communicating.

For businesses, this young generation represents an outstanding potential market, but their ever-changing communication preferences pose the daunting challenge of how best to reach them. Amatra SmartSource™ takes the dilemma out of your hands by equipping you with a platform that can adopt and adapt to the evolving landscape of communication technology. Connect through email, text, and social networking today. When something new comes along, don’t change your entire communication strategy to try to keep up. Let SmartSource™ take your existing strategies and adapt to new technology on the fly, so that you’re always a leader in reaching your audience, not a follower.

Your business is concerned with crafting the perfect message and finding the exact audience that needs to hear it. At Amatra, we’re passionate about how you send that message. Expending time and money to purchase new tools and retrain employees every time technology reshapes your audience will leave you scattered, spending, and slow to change. Through every communication channel and with every new technology, Amatra SmartSource™ will connect you to customers in a clear, consistent way.

The message and the audience doesn’t change, the way we communicate has. How are you keeping up with this change?

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